Janet Mefferd-11/20/2014-Hour 3-Janet Mefferd Radio Show

Hour 3- Slate reported earlier this year that the Christian best-seller, “Jesus Calling,” has been updated and changed in parts. What are those changes really all about? Warren B. Smith, author of “Another Jesus Calling,” stops by to share his thoughts.

Janet Mefferd-11/20/2014-Hour 2-Janet Mefferd Radio Show

Hour 2- Is information actually more fundamental to life than either matter or energy? Dr. William Dembski, senior fellow with the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, joins Janet to discuss his book, “Being as Communion.”

Janet Mefferd-11/20/2014-Hour 1-Janet Mefferd Radio Show

Hour 1- What do we need to know about the Lord to make us better at prayer? Tim Chester, associate director of Porterbrook Seminary, joins Janet to discuss his book, “You Can Pray.